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What does “Any Size, Installed” mean?

“Any Size” describes any size double-hung window our manufacturer will construct, which is a minimum width and height of 15“ X 26“ and a maximum of 48” X 78”. “Installed” means we’ll remove a basic wood double-hung window and replace it with a vinyl Window World double-hung window using the existing wooden stops.

Where are the replacement windows manufactured?

Window World manufactures all of our replacement windows in the United States. We are proud to offer high-quality, American-made products at affordable prices.

What types of Payment Methods & Financing do you offer?

Window World Butler accepts checks and all major credit cards. We also offer a Window World credit card to help you enjoy your new replacement products now, but pay for your replacement products later. For more information, visit our Financing page.

Will the replacement windows be installed from the inside or outside?

Our professional window installers will most likely install your windows from the inside. In certain situations, we may be required to install from the outside.

Do you install windows during the winter? If so, will I lose a lot of heat at the time of installation?

Yes, Window World installs windows year-round and can complete your installation in as little as one day. Our trained installers install one window at a time and close off unused rooms to reduce heat loss. Within a few days, you’ll recoup any additional costs with the energy savings from your new windows.

How do I prepare my house for installation?

Prior to the arrival of your installers, here’s what you should do to prepare so the installation process runs smoothly and quickly:

  • Remove your curtains, blinds, and/or window treatments
  • Remove or deactivate any security devices
  • Move any personal items or furniture that is in front of the windows to clear a path for your installer
  • Remove all wall decorations from the walls close to the windows

How long will it take to get my replacement windows? How much time should I allow for the installation?

You can expect your replacement windows to be installed within 4-8 weeks from the date that the final measurements are taken. An average job will take a single day, but completion time will depend on the type of window being installed and type being removed. Each replacement window takes about 30 minutes to install, but you should factor in additional time for trim work and cleanup.

What type of warranty is available for my windows?

All Window World replacement windows are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. However a double lifetime “transferable”, lifetime glass breakage, lifetime seal failure, and installation warranties are available. For more details, visit our Warranty page.

What happens to my old windows & screens?

Our installers will remove all debris from your property and carefully dispose of it unless you notify the installer that you would like to keep your old windows or screens. Please notify him as soon as he arrives for your installation.

What do I do if there is a problem with the windows?

In the rare occasion that you do have a problem with your Window World replacement windows, we recommend that you first visit our Repair Center to find easy tutorials on how to care for your new windows and correct common issues. You can also find videos on how to locate the serial numbers for each product.

If after trying the repair guides your issue is still not resolved, please contact our office via contact form or by phone at (724) 256-5660.


Can I customize my Window World replacement door?

Yes. Window World of Butler offers a wide selection of color options, glass designs and door styles to personalize your home. You can easily match your style and individual taste. Explore our door styles to customize your home’s look.

Will my replacement door be energy efficient?

Yes. Our replacement doors offer excellent thermal insulation to keep your home consistently comfortable throughout the year. Crafted with superior weatherstripping and Low-E glass, our energy-efficient doors retain heat in the cooler months and reflect it in warmer months.

What functionalities can I expect with my new Window World door?

Window World of Butler offers a large selection of replacement door options. Some styles swing outward while other styles slide left to right for space-saving operation. No matter the door style, you can expect easy operation for everyday use.


Is Window World replacement siding energy efficient?

Yes. Window World of Butler proudly offers insulated vinyl siding that will help lower your monthly energy bills while instantly boosting your home’s curb appeal. Browse our energy-efficient siding products and find the right series for your home.

Is Window World replacement siding weather resistant?

Yes. Our replacement vinyl siding series require little maintenance yet still hold up against the harshest of storms. Built with thick panels and advanced lock designs, our siding provides superior holding power, keeping it tight on walls—even in extreme winds.

What material is used for Window World replacement siding?

Our replacement siding is engineered with the highest performing vinyl, plus insulation. Vinyl siding protects your home, keeping it beautiful for a lifetime.

Is Window World siding offered in different color options?

Yes. Our replacement siding is offered in a variety of eye-catching colors. Explore our vast selection of siding series and color options and select which color best suits your home.


Are shutters backed by a warranty?

Yes. Our superior shutter products are backed by our best-in-class warranty to ensure protection of your investment.

Are Window World shutters made in America?

Yes. Like all Window World products, our shutters are made right here in the U.S.A.

Are Window World shutters weather-resistant?

Yes. Our shutter products are built strong to withstand the harshest conditions. In fact, they’re engineered to resist fading, dents or scratches.


Does Window World provide professional roofing installation in Butler?

Yes. Window World partners with CertainTeed, North America’s leading brand of replacement roofing. We only trust the most distinguished and qualified roofing contractors in Butler to ensure timely installation and excellent customer service.

How do I know which type of roofing is best for my home?

When determining the best roofing for your home, you should consider the reputation of the brand and its weather-proof capability. Window World offers industry-leading replacement roofing that’s built strong to withstand the harshest conditions. Plus, it comes in a broad selection of rich colors to match your style.

Is roofing backed by a warranty?

Yes. For your peace of mind, all of our roofing styles are backed by SureStart™ PLUS extended warranty coverage to ensure protection of your investment.


When is the best time to replace my windows, doors or siding?

Most homeowners complete home improvement projects in spring and fall, but Window World of Butler provides replacement services throughout the year. In fact, we complete cold weather installation during the winter months.

How long will it take to get my replacement windows, doors or siding installed?

Most installations will be completed in as little as one day. On the day of your installation, we’ll quickly and carefully replace your old products with your new windows, doors or siding. Once installed, we’ll provide a final clean up before reviewing the finished product with you.

How do I prepare my home for installation?

Preparing for window installation is easy when you choose Window World of Butler On the day of your installation, follow these steps to get ready:

  • Remove furniture from the window or door that is being replaced
  • Keep small children or pets away from the job site
  • Ensure a homeowner is on-site to answer any questions or concerns

For any further questions, contact us today.

Will my installer be professionally trained?

Yes. When it comes to installing your new windows, doors or siding, our factory-trained installers are here to ensure you receive the smoothest installation possible.


How can I pay for my new windows, doors and siding?

Window World of Butler offers flexible financing options to help you enjoy your new replacement products when you want them. Your Window World expert will work with you to find the best payment plan for your project.

How much do Window World’s replacement windows, doors and siding cost?

During your free in-home estimate, you’ll receive the price of your replacement products. Every project is custom so we are unable to give specific pricing information over the phone or online.

Does Window World offer any promos or offers?

Yes. Window World of Butler doesn’t make you wait to renovate your home. With our special offers, we make replacing your windows, doors or siding more affordable than ever. Learn more about our special offers on our pricing page.


Do the windows, doors and siding come with a warranty?

Yes. When you purchase Window World products, you’re getting much more than new windows, doors and siding. Just as important, you get the peace of mind that we’ll stand behind our products with our best-in-class lifetime warranty.

Can I expect energy savings with my new windows, doors and siding?

Yes. Designed with energy-efficient features, our replacement products help to lower your energy bills, keeping your home comfortable year after year.

How much will I save with energy-efficient windows, doors and siding?

Determine your predicted savings by using our savings calculator found on our energy efficiency page.

What happens during my free estimate?

Our estimate process is simple. If you choose an in-home estimate, a Window World professional will come to your home to discuss the best replacement options to fit your budget as well as your style. Our expert will ensure all your questions are answered, spending the time to provide product demonstrations and inform you on energy-efficient opportunities.