How to Fix A Broken Window Lock

A broken window lock can compromise your safety and security and should be repaired as soon as possible. If you are experiencing any of the scenarios below, read our tips on how to fix a broken window lock.

  1. Window will not lock
    Unlock the window completely. Raise the top sash all the way to the top and pull the lower sash to the bottom of the window. Once both sashes are in their correct positions, the window lock should engage properly.
  2. Upper sash has dropped from its pocket
    Push the top sash upward as far as possible while at the same time pulling the bottom sash down (an additional person may need to assist you). With the sashes aligned, you should be able to engage the window lock.
  3. Sashes are misaligned in the channel
    Tilt each sash in as if you are cleaning the windows. Push both sashes firmly back into the window channel. This should align the sash and allow the window to lock properly.
  4. Balance shoe is disengaged
    When the balance shoe becomes disengaged from the sash, it forces the window frame out of alignment and prevents it from locking properly. To correct this situation, please refer to our page on “Dropping Windows”.
  5. If you are still unable to repair your broken window lock following the instructions listed above, please call us for further assistance.

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